What to expect...

We live by faith and always will. Most of the people you meet when you visit Celebration will be nice and friendly. But you need to know, before you come, that we’re are human, full of needs, questions and love.

Some people who attend, and even lead at Celebration,  have major hurts, habits, and problems. In fact, perfect people should probably not attend. We’re a community of people who are learning and discovering together what it means to find new life in Jesus, to follow Him complacently, to break free from our old stories, and to change our story so that we might help Christ change Marion, Ohio and the World. That’s sums it it. Read more about our core valuesour beliefs, and our leadership.

What to Expect When You Visit

We meet at 2434 Smeltzer Road just South of Marion, Ohio.

We have an early class called  Impact University. We lean and discuss various subjects like evolution, Cults and Denominations as well as how where we came from and how our beliefs came to be both in Biblical History and also during the twentieth century... This class starts at 8:30 AM on most Sundays. Coffee is served and we’re saving a seat for you!


We care about you,  We’re a church full of imperfect, people who are coming to know Jesus and serving learning how to serve each other and others together, and regardless of your story, you belong here!

If you haven't been here before and you’re considering coming, here’s what to expect…

  • Very Nice people. We LOVE it when people come for the first time. But, we won't always recognize you as a first-time visitor because a lot of the people who come here are still fairly new. Don't be shy, feel free to say, “This is my first time” and we’ll help you find a seat!
  • A casual atmosphere. We care about you, come as you are,   feel free to come in jeans or whatever is comfortable. Our dress code is simple: wear something. Grab a hot cup of free coffee from our Cafe' and sit wherever you’d like! We will not single you out publicly or ask you to say anything, and we do not expect guests to put anything in the offering of contribute financially. We will take an offering because we have a mortgage to pay, electricity to keep the lights on , our pastor likes to eat, so we give him a salary to help care for his wife, his McDonald's habit and their nine children, most of whom are adopted...Now that's a story you will want to hear someday.
  • A fun, safe place for kids. Kids love it at  Celebration Christian Church! If you bring your children, you’ll check them in and out each Sunday in our Check-In room using a special tag system and our security volunteers monitor the halls during the service. Babies and toddlers are cared for by loving volunteers. There’s a Celebrate Kids room for grades one through five. All of our kids ministry volunteers pass background checks and have a heart for kids and families.
  • Practical teaching that  helps us to understand how   the Bible connects to our everyday lives.  We have music that is lively, and includes keyboards, drums and guitars.  Some people will raise their hands as a sign of praise while they sing.   You don’t need to feel obligated to do this yourself. We strive to create an atmosphere of  comfort, freedom in Christ and worship in our services.

We live by faith and that involves risks. We work to stay fast and flexible in our approach to worship. We will do whatever it takes, short of sin, to find people who are far from God. we are all about Changing lives and we’ll  do whatever it takes to serve others. Everybody belongs –  We are a multigenerational Church and we love it!  The people here have every personality, with every kind of story imaginable. We trust the Christ and the Bible completely even when we don’t fully understand it. We love missions, we really, really love missions and we do everything for God the Father and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

If you have any questions, email us at Trevor@celebration247.com, We look forward to meeting you this Sunday!

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Sunday Worship at 10:00 am
2434 Smeltzer Road Marion, Ohio 43302