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Impact University

WE HAVE BIG NEWS! Impact University is available ONLINE!
 just click the button and create a username/password.

Trevor is teaching a course on CREATION! This is a 10 week course that will discuss Creation from all angles. Did God create the world? How old is the Earth? Did dinosaurs live at the same time as humans? What is wrong with Evolution, anyway? And SO MUCH more! The class is $25 for the ten week course. A new lesson will be added each week.
All proceeds will be directed to support our 2017 Haiti Mission Trip!

NOT ABLE to attend Impact University @ 8:30 am each week? NO PROBLEM! This class is for you! We will be opening this course up to all members of Celebration and ANYONE ELSE who is curious about how God designed the world. So let’s share with our friends and dive deeper into Genesis together!