What to expect...


Men of the congregation are encouraged to meet every Saturday morning at Celebration Christian Church and enjoy a time of fellowship, sharing and Bible Study. The gathering begins at 7:00 am. Coffee and donuts are provide on a rotating volunteer basis, but members often grab a sandwich from a local drive through on their way to the church.

The group has been reading a verse by verse study of the book of Acts led by pastor Trevor. 

Every second Saturday of the month, the group meets for a Men's breakfast. This is sometimes a pot luck of what the men and their family's prepare and bring to share. Bacon, Eggs, Sausage biscuits and gravy, milk,coffee, pancakes, toast and orange juice are common. This is a time of fellowship, friendship and good food, often followed by a devotion led by one of the group. 

Many times the men will continue the morning by doing maintenance on the church building and grounds. This continues the fellowship and is an opportunity to donate time, special skills and labor to support the entire congregation.

The atmosphere is come as you are and all men are welcome.